„Win your Future” – Enter The Competition!

Have you ever wanted to own a cryptocurrency? Since you’re visiting FuturoCoin right now, we think yes. And now you have your chance! We are starting a competition which allows you to win FTO!

In a simple quiz, you will test your knowledge about FuturoCoin and possibly win some coins. The quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions, with four answers each. Only one of them is correct. The last question, number 21, is an open type task which will evaluate your creativity. It will also help us choose the winner if all the other answers are correct.

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Cryptocurrency Market Research

Being part of the cryptocurrency world is a great responsibility. We don’t see it only as a means of delivering a fully functional and needed project, which is FuturoCoin, but also as participation in the development of the industry.

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New copartnership in Estonia

We would like to inform you that in order to achieve full compatibility with national and European law regulations regarding our current and coming services focused around FuturoCoin we created a new copartnership in Estonia under the name FuturoCoin OÜ with registration number 14540332.

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Dennis O’Neill on the Coin Agenda Conference

What is the fastest, safe and growing currency, which conquered as many as seven exchange markets in only seven months? FuturoCoin! Listen to Dennis O’Neill, Investment Banker with over 25 years experience, speaking about #FTO!

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To the moon! – Success has no limits.

Cryptocurrency world can surprise even us – 3 exchanges in such a short time! That’s amazing news for all FTO traders. Next, to CoinBe and Exrates, BitBay has joined FTO “family”. Now, our cryptocurrency can be found on 7 exchanges! Continue reading

Breaking news! FTO is coming to Exrates.me!!!  

Next day bring to us next great news! Extrates.me is one of the most popular exchange markets for the online currency. It’s placed 32nd on CoinMarketCap’s ranking. It is another proof, that FuturoCoin is growing stronger!

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