Safety means everything – 4 tips to secure your crypto assets

For cryptocurrency beginners a new world may have some threats. Not everyone knows how to make his/her virtual assets safe. Today, we present 4 simple tips to keep your crypto secured.

Many people find cryptocurrency investments dangerous and risky. That’s not true. Crypto assets can be much safer than ‘real’ money. You just need to know how to secure them.

  1. Secure your computer

The first tip is possibly the most important one. If you want to purchase FuturoCoins, make sure your PC is entirely safe.

Update your antivirus and firewalls. Remember that free antivirus may not be the best solution. If you are serious and want to invest a huge amount of money, you should also buy a premium version of your antivirus.

You should be aware that even one vulnerability may cause the hacking of your personal computer.

  1. Encrypt your data

First of all: if you are lazy with your passwords, you shouldn’t invest in crypto. If you have the same password for your email, facebook account, and crypto assets, you just skate on a thin ice.

Use extra strong passwords. We mean EXTRA STRONG. The password should be at least 14-characters long including numbers, upper and lower cases, letters and other characters.

Also, you should consider using 2FA (two-factor authentication). The 2FA is the best solution to prevent hacks. Even if someone cracks your password, you still have your device, without which nobody can log-in to the account.

  1. Diversify your virtual assets

Never store your FuturoCoins in one place. You should divide your coins and deposit them in a few wallets. That should be the main principle, whether you invest in a stock market, gold or virtual currencies.

Wallets are very safe, they are not entirely immune to hacking, though. You should remember that. Everything can be hacked. If you store your coins in a few different places, you can avoid major loses.

  1. Have a good back-up

Your data has great value. If you don’t want to lose it, you should make a back-up. One copy on some kind of external hardware, the other on your computer. Thanks to that, you are immune to breaking down of the devices.

There you have it. If you comply with these tips, your assets will be secured.

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