Deposit money in our Core Wallet!

Are you a FuturoCoin owner? You are not sure where to store your assets? Check out our Core Wallet!

Many people start their trip through the crypto world with a trading mindset. Not many of us think about wallets. That’s wrong! You should know, where to store your coins in the first place. Nevertheless, do not be afraid if you haven’t thought of it yet. We will walk you through the (not so) complicated process of choosing the best deposit for FuturoCoin. Today, we introduce our Core Wallet.

Whole blockchain on my computer

Core Wallet allows you to see the entirety of blockchain’s history. It means that when you install this wallet your computer downloads the whole blockchain. Of course, it may take some time to do that because of the size of the net.

Core Wallet is a decentralized solution for storing your digital assets. Thanks to that you are only one who poses full control over your funds. You are the bank for yourself. Similar to other wallets available on the market, it is based on private key/public key technology which means that every transfer requires two keys. One of them can be public, the other one is only for you. That prevents hackers from attacking.

Free and fast wallet

This wallet is free to use. We don’t collect any money from our wallets. There is only the transaction fee which is, as always, 0,0006 FTO (it goes to miners for block mining).

Core Wallet was created using C++. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, but if you know how to compile the wallet code for any other operating system, you can do that without a problem. We don’t have wallets for mobile devices yet. However, we are working on them and plan to release them in the near future.

Our wallets have been available for six months. You can download them from our website. So go now and deposit your FuturoCoins in a very secure place!

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