Lightweight Wallet for your problems!

Every cryptocurrency investor wants to deposit his/her assets in a safe and secure place. What if we told you, that such a place exists and it won’t take much space on your computer? Try our Light Wallet!

Crypto assets require a place to store them. This place is called a digital wallet. We’ve decided to create a few of them, so you can choose the best option for your virtual money. On FuturoCoin’s website, you can download three different wallets. Today, we are presenting Lightweight Wallet.

Light and simple solutions

Lightweight Wallet, as the name suggests, requires a small amount of space on your computer. The wallet does not download the whole blockchain. It takes its main blockchain data from external servers spread all over the world. Thanks to that, the wallet is lightweight and secure. Even if one server goes offline, the application takes information from others.

Electrum Lightweight Wallet is a decentralized solution which gives you privacy when storing and trading  your coins. The application was written in Python. It is fully compatible with Windows and iOS.

Time matters

We all know that our business relies on speed. Time of transaction is crucial to many users. So, Lightweight Wallet allows FTO users to store and trade with FTOs faster than any other wallet.

Of course, all three wallets are free of charge. The only fee you make is that transaction fee. The commission (0,0006 FTO) from trades goes to the miners for mining the block.

The wallet has been available on our website for six months now. If you still don’t have it, you can download the Lightweight Wallet here.

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