Hard Fork is coming! Check it out!

We are glad to inform you that FuturoCoin is going to go through the hard fork. What does it mean? When you want to be a part of the cryptocurrency network, you have to comply with the blockchain protocol, which defines mining, connection, and transaction rules. The fork is an incident when your protocol version differs from the main one. Continue reading

FuturoCoin P2Ppool

News: FuturoCoin P2Ppool!

Welcome to our FuturoCoin P2Ppool.

We are glad to inform that you can mine FuturoCoin in our pool (unofficial). All that is needed is to configure your miner to point to our P2Pool node.

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What is mining for cryptocurrencies?

Mining is the most crucial and responsible part of any blockchain-based network, in which the consensus algorithm is Proof of Work (PoW).From a mathematical point of view, it is a process responsible for finding a number that satisfies a complicated mathematical equation. Miners are working independent on this solution, they compete with each to be first who solves this equation. The winner receives the newly generated FuturoCoin in the amount of 6.6590563 FTO. The same amount is awarded to masternodes for carrying out their assigned tasks.

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FuturoCoin (FTO)

The premiere of the FuturoCoin (FTO)!

At the end of January, FuturoCoin (FTO) joins the worldwide group of cryptocurrencies. Its launch was announced a few months ago. As FuturoCoin’s creators mark out, the blockchain system is the base of a new cryptocurrency. It ensures an optimal balance between performance, decentralization, and security. You can find all the technical details in the white paper.

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