FuturoCoin (FTO)

The premiere of the FuturoCoin (FTO)!

At the end of January, FuturoCoin (FTO) joins the worldwide group of cryptocurrencies. Its launch was announced a few months ago. As FuturoCoin’s creators mark out, the blockchain system is the base of a new cryptocurrency. It ensures an optimal balance between performance, decentralization, and security. You can find all the technical details in the white paper.

FuturoCoin (FTO) has finally started!

In the community of people associated with cryptocurrencies, discussions regarding scalability and centralization are underway. Among the key issues is the connection between the increase in bandwidth, low transmission fee and the growing centralization of the network. The reverse mechanism is greater decentralization at the price of low bandwidth and high transaction fees. Moreover, an equally important factor is also the security of the entire system.

Obviously, designers and developers of the new cryptocurrency consider that it is possible to achieve an optimal balance between performance, decentralization, and security. The emerging cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin, which enters the market on January 31, 2018, will surely guarantee it!

“The result is a product that ensures immediate transaction performance, low cost, protection against double spending attacks, due to simultaneous decentralization and security guaranteed by a distributed blockchain system” the creators of FuturoCoin explain.

Uniqueness of FuturoCoin (FTO)

According to the used solutions, the system has no overarching business or system point that could directly affect the functioning of the entire network. For example, through the possibility of switching it off, changing the growth rate of the so-called tokens, their maximum number, the course of any historical or future transaction or any embezzlement. Therefore, the creators indicate that FuturoCoin (FTO) is a unique product, that has a good chance of gaining wide recognition in the market. FutureNet, which is responsible for creating FuturoCoin, comprises over 2 million users. Social aspects surely affected the new cryptocurrency popularity.

“Participants want to use their own cryptocurrency. The portal on which you will be able to trade products using FuturoCoins is under construction. Also, the negotiations with stationary stores, where you will be able to pay with a new cryptocurrency, are being held. All this favours the development and absorption of FuturoCoin in the market” FutureNet explains.

You can find all technical details of the FuturoCoin cryprocurrency  in the white paper. Additional information and the FuturoCoin white paper: http://futurocoin.com/

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