FuturoCoin P2Ppool

News: FuturoCoin P2Ppool!

Welcome to our FuturoCoin P2Ppool.

We are glad to inform that you can mine FuturoCoin in our pool (unofficial). All that is needed is to configure your miner to point to our P2Pool node.

Address: stratum+tcp://pool.futurocoin.org:7903

Login: your FuturoCoin wallet address.
Password: anything, you don’t have to get any password

You don’t have to register. Moreover, our mining pool is open for anybody. It is important to remember that FuturoCoin hashing algorithm is X11. Your mining machine have to support this algorithm. You can find the statistics of the mining pool at http://pool.futurocoin.org/static/

As the hashing power of FuturoCoin core network is about 7 TH/s now (6 Feb 2018) please try to connect at least 1 GH/s machines to have any significant shares. Regular computers cannot mine FTO on the pool.

If you require more information about, how decentralized mining works, please read http://p2pool.org/learn/index.php. Mining on our FuturoCoin P2Ppool is cost-free.

Read more on http://newsroom.futurocoin.com!