FTO is now available on BitForex!

FuturoCoin announces listings on new exchanges quite frequently. Now, we have another great news for you! FTO is available on BitForex!

Good start of the year

As we can see – FuturoCoin’s expansion across the world is proceeding. Entering three new exchanges: DFEX exchange, Coinchel Cubs and BitForex, within just a couple of days may mean only one thing. The FuturoCoin project is now not only a young European cryptocurrency, it’s also a new worldwide trend.

The 11th exchange

BitForex is now the 11th exchange where you can buy FuturoCoin. BitForex is headquartered in Singapore, but it also has operating units in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and many other countries. It offers digital transaction services to registered users from over 186 countries across the world.

BitForex’s team consists of high-qualified science and technology, finance, and blockchain experts with a master’s degree or higher, which is a distinguishing feature of the exchange. The company was founded by some influential crypto industry investors, like Genesis Capital, QTUM and TRON, with the budget exceeding 20 million USD.

What does it offer?

BitForex, apart from FuturoCoin, offers a lot of other cryptocurrencies, from the best known, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to less popular ones. You can trade various cryptocurrencies, USD Tether, and BitForex’s own cryptocurrency – BitForex (BF) there. And from now on, the pair FTO/BTC is available for all traders of BitForex.

Continuing expansion

We are always happy to deliver you the good news about FuturoCoin entering another exchange and recently we were able to do that quite often. It is important to us that FuturoCoin is available on so many platforms across the globe so it can reach people that have never heard of it before.

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