FuturoCoin Conference: What an EVENT!

On Thursday 28 Feb., there was the FuturoCoin Conference. Now when the dust has settled, it’s the time to sum up this special day. We can confirm that it was great day for us. We’ve had a blast and hope you enjoyed that day too.

But first, we have to admit something: the whole event exceeded our expectations. We hoped that it would be a good experience for us and we only wanted to celebrate with you our first anniversary. However, the magnitude and the feedback from this conference quite frankly overwhelmed us.

Speakers and many more

The conference lasted only for a day, but the preparations took few months. We wanted to create something special and unique on a global scale. We are convinced that we did everything that was possible to prepare the best conference in Central Europe. Opinions from people attending our event say that we achieved our goal.

We came up with the idea to create a space for experts with different takes on similar topics. We wanted to confront statements from industry influencers, who may disagree on the direction where blockchain is heading or about the future of cryptocurrencies, and many more subjects. Thanks to our excellent speakers, we covered a wide range of issues in a fun and interesting way. At the conference, sports marketing specialists talked also about our Aston Martin Red Bull Racing sponsorship. So, there was something for everybody.

After the official part, there was a party. Every guest was able to talk with Paulina Woźniak, the CEO of FuturoCoin OU. There was the anniversary cake in a shape of Formula One car. Attendees seemed to have the time of their lives. We couldn’t be prouder.

Paulina Woźniak said after the conference:

“It was a great day. It really was. We did an event of that magnitude for the first time. I think that it was a great experience. I’m convinced that everybody enjoyed FuturoCoin Conference. That was the goal. To celebrate our first anniversary with people who trusted us, who put their money into our cryptocurrency. Honestly, I can’t be more proud of the way it all went.”

A ‘thank you’ note

In the end, we want to thank YOU. Of course, we put in it a lot of work ourselves, but without you, the whole FuturoCoin Conference wouldn’t be successful. We want to thank every men or woman who contributed to that event: our staff, speakers, the House of Jabłkowscy brothers, and you.

Your presence was the most important thing for us. Really, we couldn’t make it with you. We can only hope that you will be with us for a long time because we have many more projects in development. We are sure that every one of them will be as exciting as FuturoCoin Conference. Stay tuned for more ventures form FuturoCoin!