Results of the contest “Win Your Future!

These are the participants of the competition who showed the highest level of knowledge and large deposits of creativity.

So, one by one. Here are our winners:

  • Place 1: Bartłomiej K.
  • Place 2: Sylwester T.
  • Place 3: Agata W.
  • Place 4: Aleksandr O.
  • Place 5: Jacek Ż.
  • Place 6: Mateusz P.
  • Place 7: Samuel K.
  • Place 8: Tatiana A.
  • Place 9: Piotr R.
  • Place 10: Grzegorz F.


Great result in Alexa Rank

What a great news! Anybody heard about Alexa Rank? It is a global  and prestigious ranking of websites regarding the number of visits. What does this have to do with us? FutureNet website grew up to 5,000th out of 2,000,000,000 sites! This is amazing!

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World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

We were there! The largest blockchain peak in the world – World Blockchain Summit. FuturoCoin CEO Paulina Woźniak and Hugh-Paul Ward (Global Marketing Director of FutureNet) performed in the fantastic Dubai.

FTO listed on the 8th exchange platform!

We are more than proud to announce that FuturoCoin has been listed on another cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is already the 8th place where you can easily trade FTO! How awesome is that?

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FTO Series – Ep04 – What is a blockchain?

We present  you 4th episode of our #FTO series – what is a blockchain?
How does this system work? Is it controlled? Who watches over the accuracy of all generated transactions? Hungry for knowledge? Enjoy!

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FTO Series – Ep02 – A short story of… e-currency

It’s time for the second episode of our series about the history of money and virtual currency! What this internet money actually is? What requirements it has to fulfill? Why can it be compared to gold? In this episode, we have quite a few fascinating answers!

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FTO Series – Ep01 – Story of… money

Where did the money come from? What is the history of the first currency? Who invented the bank? And finally – how did a bar of gold turn into an electronic configuration of numbers?  Find the answers to these and many other questions in this short video!

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