„Win your Future” – Enter The Competition!

Have you ever wanted to own a cryptocurrency? Since you’re visiting FuturoCoin right now, we think yes. And now you have your chance! We are starting a competition which allows you to win FTO!

In a simple quiz, you will test your knowledge about FuturoCoin and possibly win some coins. The quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions, with four answers each. Only one of them is correct. The last question, number 21, is an open type task which will evaluate your creativity. It will also help us choose the winner if all the other answers are correct.

All you have to do to enter the competition is to fill in the quiz. Also, if you could, please share the link to the quiz amongst your friends and post the link on your social media such as Twitter and Telegram. That task is not compulsory to enter the competition.

We are waiting for your answers for 7 days, from 05 November 2018, 02:00 PM GMT till 11 November 2018, 11:59:59 PM GMT.

For the first ten places the following prizes are provided:

a) 1st place – 100 FTO

b) 2nd place – 50 FTO

c) 3rd place – 35 FTO

d) 4th place – 20 FTO

e) 5th place – 15 FTO

f) 6th place – 5 FTO

g) 7th place – 5 FTO

h) 8th place – 5 FTO

i) 9th place – 5 FTO

j) 10th place – 5 FTO

Take part, fill in the sheet:


Remember, that you need to accept the Competition Regulations to be able to take part in our competition. Just fill in a short form; we need your data for further communication. By completing the form below, you accept the Competition Regulations available here: