Cryptocurrency Market Research

Being part of the cryptocurrency world is a great responsibility. We don’t see it only as a means of delivering a fully functional and needed project, which is FuturoCoin, but also as participation in the development of the industry.

To raise awareness about the cryptocurrency market we have decided to conduct research which will answer a few of our questions, like – who is the typical cryptocurrency user is and what digital assets are the most popular? What’s more, part of the survey is focused on FuturoCoin and its users. We want to know what are your behaviors, what is the biggest advantage of FTO and how are you planning your future crypto investments.
The survey is fully anonymous – you don’t have to share any personal data. Therefore, we want to ask you to be fully honest while filling the questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes but it will help us in spreading knowledge about this fast-developing market.
Why? Because we are aware of being a part of this beautiful technological world!
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