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The drawback of the Mac used to be the price, but if you want a Mac and are on a tight budget, check out the consumer-level iMac, which is powerful enough for graphic design tasks. In the end, especially when starting out in design, you are probably just as well off with a PC running Windows Your creativity, and not the cost of your computer, determines the outcome of your work. Share Pin Email. A freelance graphic designer and owner of Eric Miller Design, a web development and graphic design studio established in Updated October 29, Mac Apple focuses on colors and fonts Digital assistant: Siri No touch-screen laptops, but iPads integrate with computers Mac software available on PC Better integration between devices.

Mac Apple aims to make fonts, colors, and designs work across multiple platforms with minimal effort. PC Can now do most of the things Macs can. Mac Previously Windows-only software is now available for Mac Most major programs developed for both platforms. PC Recent Windows releases have become easier to use Windows platform allows for more customization. Continue Reading. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context.

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Microsoft's new ad for Surface Laptop 2 features a real life guy named Mac Book

May 19, PM in response to Videophreek In response to Videophreek Videophreek, I don't have an answer for you, but I can say you're not alone in your search. I've seen a lot of parodies of the "I'm a Mac" ads and not one of them seems to have the actual music.

Perhaps it was created just for the ads. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

Hodgman and Long, ad characters for the ages

But they, too, may be too hasty. We are only weeks away from the Oct.

Mac vs PC Commercial Music (Plus Variations!)

PC users, many of whom skipped buying Vista machines, could be holding off until then to buy. And the introduction of Windows 7 will be accompanied by yet another Crispin Porter ad blitz. Reilly at the ad agency. I know this is working. Jobs, the Apple chief executive. They started doing this years ago and have created ads that are as stylish and cool as anything on television.

Usually, the subtext of these ads is that Microsoft is the Evil Empire. Jobs started working with Mr. Clow, a laid-back former surfer dude, in the early s when Mr.

“Mac vs PC” Ad Campaign Becomes a Pop Culture Icon

Clow was similarly adamant when his boss, the late Jay Chiat, tried to shelve it. The ad ran only once, during the Super Bowl , but it has never been forgotten. Apple forced out Mr. Jobs the next year and hired a new ad agency, BBDO. But when Mr. Jobs used it to introduce the iMac and to re-establish Apple as an iconoclast. Who can forget Ellen Feiss , the slow-talking teenager who made the hearts of young geeks flutter when she explained how her PC ate her homework?

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Feiss says. Jobs was intrigued. But he wanted the ads to be perfect. View all New York Times newsletters. How young a guy should Mac be? How dorky do we make PC look? Then he loved it. The two had talked about a campaign that would repair the damage from the Apple ads. Mathews recalls Mr. And for many years, Mr. Enderle says, Mr. There were also cultural issues at Microsoft when it came to advertising. On Madison Avenue, they say that the more hands that touch an advertisement, the worse it becomes.

Microsoft felt differently. Musser said.

So Ms. Mathews tried to change things. In February , Microsoft picked Crispin Porter. At the agency, Mr. Reilly was initially apprehensive. The adman also wondered whether Microsoft was ready for a Crispin campaign. He wanted to come up with a campaign that would redefine Windows, and he counseled against ads that attacked Apple. Then he changed his tune. Last summer in Apple ads, Mr.