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Pop your disc into the drive and click the Burn button to start the process. I would suggest copying the file to an easy location like your desktop and renaming the file to something short too. In my case, I copied the file to my desktop and renamed it to just ubuntu. I have been using Mac since Macintosh Plus and with El Capitan is the first time I start to think is something wrong with the path that Apple is taking us.

Disk Utility is useless! Great Apple!!! What about the people who use your product for something more than surf the Internet Jul 7, Thanks so much, you saved me the hassle of having to go onto a PC dreadful. Do you know why they did this? Why didn't they tell us? I'm burning Windows 7 onto it. However, as with salvapost , I'm a long-time Mac user and the current direction Apple is taking would suggest it's forgetting its roots as a computer company.

Logic has traditionally been a strong point with Apple design, and it makes more sense to have all storage-oriented functions contained neatly within a single application. Having fragmentation like this is something we've come to expect from Microsoft but is atypical of Apple, up until now that is.

The thing is, Disk Utility wasn't exactly broken so "fixing" it like this makes no sense. Renaming it as "Storage Utility" would actually be the most logical thing they could have done, given that no currently-shipping Macs actually contain storage discs. And, if you're going to sensibly call it that, put all storage related functions in one place, including imaging and duplication.

HM has had every opportunity to improve. If SV kills the series, then lack of improvement is all there is to blame. Yeah… so many franchises from my childhood suck now a days, but at least the indie scene is delivering quite well to make up for it. I absolutely love the fact this game has 1. Made an account on Disqus just to say; Very happy with the console releases but is there a chance we get it for Vita? I bought it for this game lol. And what about update can someone tell me when update come out? I hope the updated controller support comes to the PC version.

You were the first person to make a game that captured the best things about harvest moon and you delivered! Would the releases for consoles have the 1.

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Super excited for Mac version! Glad to see the Wii U is included in this. This is totally true, 3ds is the perfect home for the Stardew Valley experience. Please take the time required to make a great port. Follow the example of Shovel Knight. Soooo looking forward to it! Still waiting on that mac port though so I can play with my friends. If I bought this game on Steam now, would I be able to play it on a Mac once that version is released?

Vita is DOA why would they waste resources on that? No 3DS support though?!?!?!?

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This would be an amazing portable game…perfect for something you could open up and play throughout the day! So so looking forward to the Mac version!! I created a steam account only for that game before finding out it was pc-only haha.. Wii U port is the only thing that really brings a different experience to the table since you can use the gamepad.

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Would happily kill for a Vita port. This game would be amazing on it. Because what I really need is to spend even more time on it than I have… ahah. Im really looking forward to the Linux version. Bring me the mac version ,around owner of the pc version and would buy it again to play on my mac. Would love it if you hurry up with the Mac version.

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Because PC! I thought the game controller was good, not rudimentary as you said.

Dying to play this game. Huge fan of HM series so this would definitely become a favorite as soon as I get my hands on it. And it would also fit perfectly for the 3DS too! This would be amazing on the Vita. Is there an estimated date for when Stardew Valley on Mac will release? I really want it, and i just want to know when i can get it.

Please please please release a Vita port. I would love to pitch in with my vote for 3ds or Vita.

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I use my vita far more, but this would probably work better with a 3ds as seen in the concept photos below. Please make at least one of those happen. I would buy it in a heart beat! I am actually really wanting a handheld version now that I looked at some of these comments. Darn you people, making me want things! Two things. For one people complaining about Harvest Moon hopefully realize that the Harvest Moon games took a dive because of issues between Natsume and Marvelous causing them to part ways.

Marvelous now does their own games; Story of Seasons, while Natsume continues to have ownership of the Harvest Moon titles hence why they seem so different.

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They are completely different games with the same title. Two; I really really hope they make a way for people to transfer their saved files from their pc to the console.

I would hate to lose all my progress. Congrats on your amazing progress and success!! Thrilled to hear that I can be wholeheartedly excited! How long is soon for the mac? I have been watching gameplay and I really like the game. A Mac version would be great because a lot of people use Mac, so it would draw draw more people into playing this magnificent game. Can you pleaseee port it to 3ds i want it to baddd! Just bought the game on GOG last night. Hope the Mac port is coming soon since I would prefer to run it natively on my mac.

Also a VITA port would be great. Could you please, please, please make sure the interface is so teensy tiny that it makes the game completely unplayable. As long as this game comes out for iOS or Android, the chance for such a port is higher. I seriously cannot wait! This is torture! You may as well just take my money now. You could bring the language option for the Brazilian Portuguese. I really want to play this game and certainly buy for console, but I can not speak English T.

I had a jam on Stardew via Gamestream to my Nvida Shield.