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The truth is if WT pushes for 'realism' it will have a small no doubt dedicated player base. WoT is successful because it is a quick arcade shooter that people can drop into play. However as it stands WT is as far away from reality as WoT is, they simply run their fantasy world differently. Yes fun is subjective, however the majority will not find driving a tank for minutes admiring the landscape or the realistic engine sounds as fun.

The Historical battles in WT are boring, yes some may enjoy the fake realism and convince themselves they are playing a sim Real visibility. I wonder if the tank version has the same thing. Just google it already. Mods for WT which adds tags for all planes are quite commonplace. The reason why WoT chose the arcade visibility system is to avoid cheating. WT on the other hand has NO visibility system at all.

I was enjoying myself for quite some time in WoT, and then I got so much into tank-gaming that I came up with ideas how to improve the game, provide a more multi-faceted gaming experience and make everybody happier. Wargaming would have none of it, and the only thing they have done in two years is add an enhanced physics system - and tons of more tanks.

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That's it. Re-read the EULA please and start with your face-palming as fast as possible. To quote WT "Normally, it will be possible to notice an enemy at range of km, or with more precise recognition, at 2km. However, an experienced virtual pilot will be able to spot planes even faster.

Visibility is also influenced by sun, weather conditions such as fog and smoke , clouds, and of course landscape. Gunners in planes with crews will be trained to spot enemies, too. Now back to the repairs - lets say every tank had a dedicated repair vehicle - in reality how many repairs under fire would take less than 20 minutes? SO they either go down the 'sim' route or they go down the arcade route.

Look what they have done with the damage in the latest patch 1. Especially for bombers whose ability to take any damage has been greatly reduced. What's your point? In WoT, track repairs take anything from 0 - 15 seconds. In WT, an airplane will be repaired on the airfield in seconds.

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That's the game -aspect of the game. I am sorry, but you seem to have no clue regarding actual combat situations. What are you talking about?