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For example, the following are all identical in their behavior:. For example, the following two lines are equivalent:. The following example illustrates the output of the diff command.

Terminal: Comparing Folders with "diff"

The following two files, price1 and price2 , are compared with and without the use of the -c option. In the example, diff shows the default 3 lines of context around each changed line. One line was changed in both files marked with!

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Note: If there are no marks to be shown in the corresponding lines of the file being compared, the lines are not displayed. Lines 12 to 14 of price2 are suppressed for this reason. The value must be one of those listed in the File Character Formats section of the unicode reference page. Sets the default output format.

Normally the format of the first file read is used as the default output format. The -s option was specified and the two named files are identical. This message appears when diff is comparing the contents of directories, but you have not specified -r.

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  5. When diff discovers two subdirectories with the same name, it reports that the directories exist, but it does not try to compare the contents of the two directories. The -h option of diff can handle any size of file without running out of memory.

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    Also, ensure that there is sufficient file space in this directory. You did not specify a conditional label on the command line after the -D option. Of the two input files normally found on the command line of diff , only one can be the standard input. All UNIX systems. Windows 7.

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    Windows Server R2. Windows 8. In the Original document list, select the original document. In the Revised document list, browse to the other version of the document, and then click OK. Changes from the revised copy are merged into a new copy that is based on the original version of the document. The original copy remains untouched.

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    Revision marks show any differences introduced by the revised copy of the document. On the Tools menu, click Combine Documents. In the Original document list, select one version of the document. To unprotect a protected document, on the Tools menu, click Unprotect Document. On the Original document pop-up menu, select the original document. Click To Enlarge. Tower, SourceTree, and similar apps also usually offer basic editing tools: for example, you can revert selected changes if you change your mind, or push only some changes to your source code repository and worry about other changes later.

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    The working processes that these applications enable in software development are very different from typical working processes in legal services. You might not even use Word to make certain changes because you can make basic changes using the controls in a version control application.

    However, there are a few Mac apps—intended for software development, but applicable to legal documents—that can get you some of the benefits of a software development working process.