Win FTOs In Our New Competition!

Are you a trader? Do you like challenges? Our new competition is just for you! Trade, join the battle, compete with other traders and win free coins!

Enter the competition
We know that many people have recently began their adventure with trading, so we would like to make things a little bit more interesting for them. We are presenting our latest contest which allows you to win a significant amount of FTOs!

If you want to enter our competition, first you need to register on CoinDeal exchange. Then you need to get fully verified as a user. It’s an easy process. And after doing that, you can take part in our competition!

The futuristic crypto

If you don’t know what FuturoCoin is, we’ve got you. FuturoCoin is a virtual currency that had its debut on the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2018. It has quickly become very successful amongst traders. It’s decentralized and it has its own blockchain. But what’s most special about this cryptocurrency is the profit that it offers. The miners can make even a 50% profit. So if this description looks interesting for you, don’t wait, get a hold of your own FTOs now!

What’s the competition all about?

The rules are pretty basic. All you need to do is trade. It’s that simple. The one who reaches the highest turnover – wins! The more you trade, the higher is your chance to win! So go on and start trading to receive a reward. And the reward is certainly worth fighting for.

BTC/FTO market is the only one that counts in our competition. If you want to be able to win, you need to trade FuturoCoin for Bitcoin and vice versa. That’s the only condition.

The prizes

First place: 200 FTO

Second place: 125 FTO

Third place: 75 FTO

Prize pool: 400 FTO

The competition starts on 30th November 2018 and will last till 14th December 2018.
So enter the competition and keep trading! The prizes are waiting for you!
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