The success of FuturoCoin – To the moon!

The cryptocurrency world can surprise even us – 3 exchanges in such a short time! That’s amazing news for all FTO traders. Next, to CoinBe and Exrates, BitBay has joined FTO “family”. Now, our cryptocurrency can be found on 7 exchanges! Be the part of the success of FuturoCoin!

There are no limits – the success of FuturoCoin

In “FuturoCoin” the “F” stands for fabulous! Yes! FTO is gaining fabulous successes day by day. In only last 2 months, our cryptocurrency has appeared on six new comparison services, (included well known CoinMarketCap and Ffeixiaohao) and 3 BIG exchanges! Obviously, the interest in our digital currency is rising day by day. We can notice that in the growing market capitalization as well as high price and a huge 24h volume.

In June, FTO has broken the 3 000 000 $ barrier of average daily volume. Moreover, FTO hash rate is the second biggest, next to Dash, hashing power on the X11 algorithm. Not enough? FuturoCoin has been placed as 30th in terms of market capitalization from thousands of cryptocurrencies. These numbers are a hard proof that our amazing community can leave an imprint on the whole cryptocurrency market.

BitBay as a 3rd new exchange in this week

BitBay is the most known in Poland and also one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the whole of Europe. Firstly, It allows its users to trade fiat money (like USD, EUR, PLN) for 13 most popular cryptocurrencies. Secondly, BitBay users have access to professional trading tools including a candlestick chart with technical analysis capability. Overmore, this platform stands out with a competitive fee, quick and easy registration process, a straightforward interface and mobile trading app.


Be the part of the success of FuturoCoin! Don’t miss the best opportunity!

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