Q&A with Paulina Woźniak – Get To Know FuturoCoin!

Do you want to know more about FuturoCoin and get engaged in the community? We know just the way to do it. Recently, we have started a series of Q&A live streams, in which people involved with FuturoCoin answer your questions. Find out what we were talking about in the first stream!

Why Q&A?

We consider this form of videos best for engaging our community. Why? Because we believe people who invest in FuturoCoin should also know more things about it. It’s important for you to know a lot. We decided to make a series of videos about all things connected with FuturoCoin to answer all of your questions and satisfy your curiosity.

On the 7th of December last year, our first livestream took place. It was a video in which Paulina Woźniak, our CEO, answered some of your questions. Giles Whiting took over the role of the interviewer for this video.

In the course of the livestream, Paulina explained how you can use FuturoCoin in the everyday life, other functionalities of the coin and wallets that you can use to store it. You’re interested in what else was discussed? You should definitely check out the whole video, which is still available on Facebook.

During the liveshow, we also got a nice surprise from the FuturoCoin team! If you what to find out what it was, watch the video closely.

We hope that this video, and also the future ones we have planned, will answer all of the questions you might still have about our cryptocurrency and its functionalities. Make sure to join our Facebook FuturoCoin community to be up-to-date with all our updates as well as the future livestreams. Soon, on the 17th of January, on our Facebook page, there will be another Q&A livestream. Be sure not to miss it!

Also, go to our medium page to read about the latest events in the FuturoCoin world: