Paulina Woźniak Answers More Of Your Questions!

Paulina Woźniak, the CEO of FuturoCoin OU, has again answered some more of your questions. This time, she spoke about the upcoming FTO Conference and other future projects!

 The series continues

After the success of the first two Q&A videos, we have decided to answer more of the questions that seem to rise a lot of interest among the FuturoCoin community members. One week ago, during the second Q&A session, the questions were focused around the day of work in the FTO headquarters and the future of FuturoCoin. Now, our little series continues. Let’s all see what Paulina Woźniak explained this time.

Making it interesting

The video is available to watch on the FuturoCoin Facebook. The interview was again conducted by Marcin Teller, a Polish journalist. We mentioned before that he is interested in new technologies and trends. Talking about the innovative project like FuturoCoin with someone passionate about the topic makes it all much more enticing for the viewers.

New is coming

This time around, Paulina and Marcin got to talk about some really exciting new projects for FuturoCoin. Among others, she told the viewers where to buy FTOs, when some new events will take place and why FuturoCoin is based on Dash.

To hear all the things Paulina Woźniak talked about, be sure to watch the whole Q&A video!

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