Paper Wallet – the old fashion way to collect your money

We cannot tell you that you should not trust new technologies. Of course you should. However, you should be cautious and take care of your assets’ safety. One of the best methods to do that is using our Paper Wallet.

Analog is the new black. It really is. You can also store your FuturoCoins in an analog manner. How to do that? What are the advantages of that? Is it better than others wallets?

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Lightweight Wallet for your problems!

Every cryptocurrency investor wants to deposit his/her assets in a safe and secure place. What if we told you, that such a place exists and it won’t take much space on your computer? Try our Light Wallet!

Crypto assets require a place to store them. This place is called a digital wallet. We’ve decided to create a few of them, so you can choose the best option for your virtual money. On FuturoCoin’s website, you can download three different wallets. Today, we are presenting Lightweight Wallet.

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Deposit money in our Core Wallet!

Are you a FuturoCoin owner? You are not sure where to store your assets? Check out our Core Wallet!

Many people start their trip through the crypto world with a trading mindset. Not many of us think about wallets. That’s wrong! You should know, where to store your coins in the first place. Nevertheless, do not be afraid if you haven’t thought of it yet. We will walk you through the (not so) complicated process of choosing the best deposit for FuturoCoin. Today, we introduce our Core Wallet.

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Stats Analysis

Statistics are important if you want to know more about a certain cryptocurrency. So join us in our little stats reading guide. Take a look at transactions number, circulation supply and an average block size charts on the example of FuturoCoin!

Let’s get started – we will show you how easy the basics of statistical analysis can be.


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We strongly recommend our Electrum Light Wallet !

Often you ask us what wallet is the best for the person who infuses his/her fun with FuturoCoin.
We strongly recommend our Electrum Light Wallet.
Its installation and operation are effortless, and the transaction time is as fast as in the others.
An additional advantage of this wallet is that it takes up a small amount of disk space.

Light Wallet download here:


Win FTOs In Our New Competition!

Are you a trader? Do you like challenges? Our new competition is just for you! Trade, join the battle, compete with other traders and win free coins!

Enter the competition
We know that many people have recently began their adventure with trading, so we would like to make things a little bit more interesting for them. We are presenting our latest contest which allows you to win a significant amount of FTOs!

If you want to enter our competition, first you need to register on CoinDeal exchange. Then you need to get fully verified as a user. It’s an easy process. And after doing that, you can take part in our competition!

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Results of the contest “Win Your Future!

These are the participants of the competition who showed the highest level of knowledge and large deposits of creativity.

So, one by one. Here are our winners:

  • Place 1: Bartłomiej K.
  • Place 2: Sylwester T.
  • Place 3: Agata W.
  • Place 4: Aleksandr O.
  • Place 5: Jacek Ż.
  • Place 6: Mateusz P.
  • Place 7: Samuel K.
  • Place 8: Tatiana A.
  • Place 9: Piotr R.
  • Place 10: Grzegorz F.


FuturoCoin is sponsoring Blockshow

Wonderfully! We are b with sponsor of the bonanza. BLOCKSHOW is one of the greatest events in world blockchain. Above 3000 participants in both 5 clear days of the knowledge and the inspiration. Who from you will be there with us?

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