FuturoCoin on new services

Next to the CryptoCompare, 3 new informational services have published FuturoCoin on their sites. Finally, you can check information about our cryptocurrency on such services as CoinGeco, Investing.com and BitInfoCharts. Check out FuturoCoin on new services!

During the last month, FuturoCoin has increased by 700% and the volume breaks the USD 1 million. Undoubtedly, the world of cryptocurrencies has one more time received evidence, that FuturoCoin is attention-worthy token. Obviously, that’s why, next to CryptoCompare, 3 next websites decided to follow the FuturoCoin price, volume, and news from the company.

You can find it here:

FTO on CoinGecko

FTO on BitInfoCharts

FTO on Investing.com

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