FuturoCoin for Euro available! – the great success!

So it happened! In a few days you will be able to trade FuturoCoin for Euro. It is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to have FTO. You can exchange it on CoinDeal. It is the first cryptocurrency stock exchange, which lets exchange not only FuturoCoin for Euro. It is amazing news for everyone interested in cryptocurrency in Europe. FTO is getting closer to the European market and is available for all Europeans much easier than before. We became more available for you and your needs. FuturoCoin has entered CoinDeal by voting. From the 18th of April FTO is available on CoinDeal.com, which is a stock exchange that gets more popular by the day. Also, you can deposit and withdraw money in FIAT.

New pair will be available to trade on 15.05.2018!
Read more on: https://coindeal.com/news/new-pair-fto-eur
Check out the current available pair FTO/BTC: http://bit.ly/2vobmHf
Do not have an account yet? http://bit.ly/2K7CeNQ

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