Another Q&A With FuturoCoin’s CEO behind us!

Have you ever wondered how the future of FuturoCoin will look? Now you can find out what our CEO thinks about this!

Next stop

Recently, we informed you about the first Q&A livestream that took place on our Facebook page. Today, we have other great news for you! The second video in our little FuturoCoin Q&A series went up and now you can watch it on FTO’s Facebook. In a similar form to the previous one, our CEO answered the most urgent questions about the cryptocurrency and future development plans concerning the whole project.

The subjects

This time, the short interview was conducted by a Polish journalist Marcin Teller, known for his appearances in national television. His interests lie in the future technology trends, so talking about a cryptocurrency project with him was definitely interesting.

During the Q&A, CEO of FuturoCoin described what the normal day of work at the FTO headquarters looks like. In the video, we even are able to go on a little trip around the office and see how and where the people complete their daily work tasks.

Later, Paulina Woźniak mentioned a huge thing that is to happen next month for FuturoCoin. Every event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is a big step towards spreading the FuturoCoin’s popularity across the world and engaging new communities. If you are curious what event exactly we mean, be sure to watch the Q&A video! It’s available all the time on our Facebook page, or below:

The last topic concerned the future of FuturoCoin. The development of the company is one of the most important things to focus on. FuturoCoin is constantly improving, entering new exchanges and opening new places where you can use it in real life.

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